Outreach Programmes —- Hello!! We are also Here !!!

Science is not confined to laboratories or research institutions; in fact their beneficial information must be extended to masses so as to unleash the full potential of such information. Science centres are developed with this objective of dissemination of scientific and technological information- current or historical to masses woven in their language for better comprehending. Science centres are also conveyors of culture – the cultural quest for scientific understanding of our world – and the culture of wonder, discovery and invention.

The Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Kurukshetra (KPSC, KKR), since its formation stage had pondered on this challenge, how to reach to the people hundreds of kilometres away in heterogeneous geographical locations in the northern India. The centre reached there on our own or based on a specific demand from a community. Reaching to such people or communities hundreds of kilometre away from the National capital Delhi or at the foothills of the Himalayan region, or a remote village in a far flanged desert of Rajasthan, has been always a challenge through an “Outreach Programme”. In the past 17 years, the centre had been designing various modes to reach to such people through its programme such as Mobile Science Exhibition (MSE), Science Festival or tailor-made programme according to the need of people or community.

Mobile Science exhibition (MSE) has been the first service of the centre to reach to people in remote areas, particularly to the students. Especially designed bus, with 24 exhibits was put into the service.

The journey of the MSE bus had been continuing for past 17 years. The MSE has till now travelled around 50,000 kilometres in various remote villages, hilly and desert geographical locations of northern India to reach to more than 2, 00,000 visitors. Organising such programmes for the last 17 years was very challenging. This could be achieved by a dedicated team, who often call the MSE as ‘Home away from Home’.

The Centre also offers tailor made activities and programmes as per the need of the requesting organisations, Universities, NGOs, IITs, schools etc. The Centre has reached around two million visitors through various outreach programmes. The Centre in the past 17 years have established itself as a brand in the mindset of its regular visitors, communities, scientific organisations and NGOs. Through outreach programmes, the Centre has woven a long term relationships and establishing strong community ties, understanding their need to design the outreach programme, which in turn, can encourage more people to visit the Centre. The association and the journey of kindling masses with scientific temper are continuing.