Major Attractions

The main attraction of the Centre is a life-like Panorama of the epic battle of Mahabharata fought at Kurukshetra. Standing at the Centre of the cylindrical hall, visitors can witness the towering 34 feet high paintings of the episodes, from the 18-day confrontation between the Pandvas and the Kauravas, come alive before their eyes. The compilation of Mahabharata is believed to have been done between c.400 BC to AD 400. The epic is scattered with sporadic statements of scientific importance. They are related to various branches of Science like Astronomy, Medicine, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Warfare, Geographical knowledge etc

Kugal Fountain is a new outdoor exhibit installed at Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre, Kurukshetra. It’s about 1000 Kg granite ball spinning on water. So you can enjoy the new exhibit and also enrich your knowledge on how a giant 1000 kg stone ball can be rotated with a finger.
If you are very fond of “Selfie”, then here is an opportunity for you to look for a new Selfie Point at KPSC, KKR!!

The visitors to the 3D Science Show will experience an out of the world immersive experience in which the near realistic visuals will appear to come out from the static screen right in front of their eyes. The 3D films are seen through specially designed circular polarized glasses. The contents of the film are regularly changed so as the visitors get a variety of films.

In this specially designed studio, visitors can see things happening before their eyes, which they could only dream of. They can see themselves fly in air like birds; photograph themselves with any monument, famous personality or any place which they imagine in their wildest of dreams. Visitors can not only experience these but also could walk away with the pictures that they see and enjoy to share their experience with their near & dear.

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Science Demonstration Lecture (SDL) is the most popular show among the visitors of KPSC, Kurukshetra. The demonstrations will be done twice a day. We demonstrate on various topics like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and even on Biology. Recently we have added one SDL on human biology. In this SDL we demonstrate with the help of a human torso on the functions and importance of various organs.

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