Ever wonder how nice it would be to play with cordless piano? How would it appear when you see your friend’s head served on a platter? Would it not be fascinating to dine with multiple images of yours? How the vortex is formed? If you fancy finding out answer to such questions, this is the place where you can experiment and explore to find answers. The Kurukshetra Panorama & Science Centre is brimming with buttons to push and levers to pull in pursuit of scientific knowledge. A whole world of wonder and amazement awaits the visitors here with a large number of interactive hands-on-exhibits.
This section invites one to play with them & explore the ‘How & ‘Why’ of various scientific phenomena. It is the place where both young and adult visitors can enjoy by operating hands-on exhibits, explaining the fundamentals of science. Science has always been a subject which has been usually dealt with a lot of seriousness in schools. This gallery seeks to escape from this trap by providing an opportunity to understanding the underlying principles through the process experimentation and discovery.