Education Consultancy

1. Mobile Science exhibition (MSE) :

MSE has been the first service of the centre to reach to people in remote areas, particularly to the students. Especially designed bus, with 24 exhibits was put into the service.
The journey of the MSE bus had been continuing for past 17 years. The MSE has till now travelled more than 50,000 kilometres in various remote villages, hilly and desert geographical locations of northern India to reach more than 2,00,000 visitors. The Centre has one Mobile Science exhibitions.


Highlights of the MSE BUS :

1. Topics of the exhibitions are ‘Understanding Mathematics’ and ‘Light’.
2. Size of exhibition bus is 30 ft. (L) X 11.5 ft. (H) X 09 ft. (W)
3. School should have required size entrance, proper turning & parking space for bus.
4. Road leading to school and space for parking should be appropriate.
5. A room for staying of staff members with basic amenities.
6. School should take responsibility for security of exhibition.
7. School should provide volunteers (students or teachers) for demonstration.


Who can avail the services?

1. Any formal school established under the state department of education or educational authority having students from class from 5th to10th.
2. Minimum strength of the school should be 500 and must meet the standards as indicated above.


Financial Requirements :

1. The school will bear the cost of the exhibition.
2. Local publicity of the exhibition will be borne by the school.
3. Security and safety of the MSE bus in the school premiseswill be primary responsibility of the school.


The Centre also offers tailor made activities and programmes as per the need of the requesting organisations, Universities, NGOs, IITs, schools etc. The Centre has reached around two million visitors through various outreach programmes. The Centre in the past 17 years have established itself as a brand in the mindset of its regular audience, communities, scientific organisation, NGOs. Through outreach programmes the Centre has woven a long term relationships and establishing strong community ties, understanding their need to design the outreach programme, which in turn, can encourage more people to visit the Centre.